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Rugged DMMs Boast Of Features-Rich Design

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Designed for both bench tops and harsh environments, the 170 Series of battery-powered digital multimeters (DMMs) features a proprietary true-rms engine with 6,000 counts of resolution and a backlit LCD. The meters have a Vac range of from 0.1 mV to 1 kV, can measure frequency from 2 Hz to 100 kHz, and offer an extended capacitance measurement range of from 1 nF to 9,999 µF.
The portable DMMs also feature: auto and manual hold; a min/max/avg mode for enhancing troubleshooting; a tapered, ergonomic case with an overmolded, shock-resistant frame; and an easy-to-access battery door. Presently, the 170 Series includes three models, with Models 177 and 179 offering, among other things, an accuracy of 0.09% and a backlighted LCD, while Model 179 can also measure temperature. Price of Model 175 is $169, Model 177 is $189, and Model 179 is $209.

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