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Rugged Touch-Screen Workstation Tightly Sealed In NEMA 4X Enclosure

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Designed to repel bacteria and to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and high-pressure caustic hose-down cleanings, the SafeTTouch 4X stainless-steel touch-screen workstation is available with a 15.1" or 18.1" LCD and in pedestal or panel-mount styles. The station is housed in a completely sealed, multi-gasketed, NEMA 4X enclosure and employs the company's EnhancedInfrared touch screen, which can withstand harsh and demanding conditions. The screen's acrylic faceplate is scratch-resistant and shatterproof, with surface cuts or gouges reportedly not affecting performance. More- over, the front of the faceplate provides a smooth edge transition, eliminating the crevice found in standard touch-screens, an area that can allow bacteria to grow. The touch-screen can be activated by a bare or gloved hand. The SafeTTouch 4X workstation can be interfaced with a host computer located up to 10 miles away by using the company's RayFire digital fiber-optic video and data transmission system. RayFire also has hot-swap capabilities. Single unit price for a standard 15.1" unit is $7,820. For more details, contact Chris McDonald at DOLCH, Fremont, CA. (760) 723-7900, ext. 113.

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