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Rule Checker Targets SOC Designs

ArctICtm, an electrical rule checker for system-on-chip (SOC) designs, can be used to check the electrical integrity of complex, digital memory and mixed analog and digital circuits. Users can translate their own knowledge base into a programmable set of rules, and to check a design for violations. The tool enables this knowledge base to grow, providing the flexibility to keep up with advances in technology and changes in design practice. Rules include both built-in checks and user written rules. The built-in checks include checks for issues related to circuit topology and noise immunity. User written rules can include design methodology checks plus additional electrical checks that are pertinent to the circuit-design style being used. The tool uniquely classifies different circuit topologies and each rule can then be applied with different pass/fail criteria based on these classifications. An electrical framework for advanced rule checking is also included and the Tcl application program interface (API) allows additional rules to be added. ArctIC requires a SPICE netlist and a control file in Tcl format. Pricing starts at $17,000 for an annual time based license including maintenance.

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