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Safety Compliance Tester Has Multi-Point Scanner Option

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In addition to capabilities for performing four important electrical safety tests- namely, ac and dc Hipot, insulation resistance and ground bond- the Guardian 5000S comes with a multi-point scanner option that permits high voltage switching of eight points for Hipot and IR tests and four points for high current ground continuity tests- up to eight scanners can be ganged together to increase the switching capabilities to 64 and 32, respectively. The output switching setups can be easily programmed through the 5000's front panel, with up to 50 unique setups of 15 test steps each capable of being retained in internal memory for later recall. Programming can also be done via the tester's 1EEE-488 or optional RS-232 interfaces. The scanning system provides Hipot testing to 4.5 kV ac and 6 kV dc, IR measurements to 10 Gigaohms, and high current ground bond testing to 30A.

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