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Scanning SDK Adapts Software For Use With Handheld 3D Scanners

Scanning SDK expands use and capabilities of Artec Eva and Spider hi-res handheld 3D scanners offering full control over the scanning process for both tailoring existing software or developing new software.

A new Scanning SDK from the Artec Group expands the use and capabilities of their high-resolution, full-color, handheld 3D scanners, Artec Eva, for quick, textured and accurate scans, and Artec Spider, design specifically for CAD. Whether tailoring existing software or developing new software, the SDK offers full control over the scanning process. Both scanners can be used to scan a broad range of objects even those with sharp edges and tiny parts, or moving objects with accurate results. The SDK provides access to individual frames, including each frame’s 3D meshes and texture. Frames can be aligned and merged to create a textured 3D model. With the new flexibility that is provided with the SDK, companies will be able to create new or use existing software with the Eva and Spider scanners. The SDK ensures that 3D scanners will be compatible with almost any software a user may currently have in place. The Artec Scanning SDK also ensures that users are achieving the very best scanning results no matter what system is being used within the medical, industrial, engineering, and 3D printing industries.


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