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Scope Probes For Testing High Lead-Count Chips Have Easily Replaceable Tips

Suitable for testing ICs having high lead counts, the modular Oscilloscope Probes come with a full set of accessories, including an insulated adjusting tool, a spring hook, BNC adapter, 23-cm ground lead, 25-mm ground adapter, an IC tip adapter, a tip cover, and a rigid tip and spring-loaded, replaceable pogo-pin tipÑthe latter is said to be the first such tip available with passive voltage probes, reportedly making testing in high-density circuits extremely easy. Equipped with a 0.060" diameter tip, the probes are designed to reach test points inaccessible with larger tips. Available in 10 model configurations spanning bandwidths ranging from 30 to 350 MHz, the probes can be used with a wide variety of scopes. Price: $26 each. For more details, contact Sharon Ead-Muise at POMONA ELECTRONICS, Pomona, CA. (909) 469-2932.

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