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SCSI Storage Systems Raise The Density Bar

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Comprised of the 802S/1202S JBOD modules and the 3000S series RAID systems, the company's Ultra 160 SCSI storage systems are said to provide tremendous storage capacity. The 802S can support up to eight 1" or 1.6" drives, providing up to 1.44 TB of storage capacity in 3.5" of rack space using 180 GB drives. The 1202S supports up to twelve 1" drives with a total of 432 GB of storage in the same 2U form factor. The 3150S adds a separate 1.75" top hat to house hot-swappable active/active RAID controllers. Total capacity is 4.3 TB when using 180 GB drives. The 3150S/3250S deliver transfer speeds up to 160 MB/s per host connection, up to 1 GB of cache, and host-independent, controller-based LUN mapping for multiple server environments. Automatic fail-over and fail-back, transparent to the host, is provided without requiring software. NSTOR TECHNOLOGIES, INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 453-9191.

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