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SCSI Terminator Boasts BGA Compatibility

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A new BGA-compatible SCSI line termination network is designed for use in high-frequency and space sensitive applications compliant to SPI-2, SPI-3 and above. Designated part number BB1020DT, the network is a 9-line LVD SCSI terminator composed of 27 thick-film resistors on an alumina substrate with BGA terminations. The BGA design is said to substantially reduce capacitance and lead inductance, making the device ideal for high-performance active termination of SCSI networks. And unlike other BGA designs, this one is a single-sided network with the resistors and solder balls on the same side. Typical pricing for the BB1020DT starts at under $1 each in production quantities. BI TECHNOLOGIES, Fullerton, CA. (714) 447-2345.

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