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SDI Analyzer Checks Total Video System

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Three monitoring modes to check all digital data stream aspects of video systems and the use of a frame-store technique to edit actual in-frame data on a pixel-by-pixel basis are inherent in the LT 5910, a new SDI analyzer. The instrument monitors EDH, TRS, ANC and gamut errors, handling digital composite and component readings at 525/60 and 625/50. SDI levels are measured in terms of equivalent cable length. Error totals can be recorded over specific periods. Other key features include: status readout of 16 audio channels; 10 preset/recall monitor programs; RS-232C data readout and controls; SDI eye pattern monitoring; local and remote alarms; and printer output. The instrument also meets or exceeds NTSC, SMPTE and BTS standards. The unit installs into a half-rack adapter.

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