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Sensor Monitors Current To ±100A

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Housed in a 10 x 13 x 7 mm package, the ACS750ECA-100 fully-integrated open loop current sensor targets high current applications in the realm of ±100A. The device consists of two primary power conductive leads that allow current to pass through a ferrite core over the sensing element of a Hall-effect IC. The power leads are isolated from the sensing circuitry, making the sensor suitable for applications that require isolation but without the need for opto-isolators or other isolation techniques. The current sensor has a bandwidth of 13 kHz, with future devices expected to extend that figure. In addition to essentially being a monolithic Hall IC, the device promises low power losses with an internal resistance of less than 1 m?. Available in a CA package with a lead time of 20 weeks ARO, the open loop current sensor costs $4.50 each/10K. ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS INC., Worcester, MA. (508) 853-5000.

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