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Serial Temperature Sensors Target Thermal Management Apps

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Two new serial digital temperature sensors-- the LM75DM and the MC74A5-- are suited for thermal management applications. The LM75DM (pictured) is a two-wire serial temperature sensor and monitor, available in two configurations as the LM75DM-33R2 and LM75DM-50R2, with features suited for thermal protection of high-performance equipment. The device is operational both as a thermostat and a temperature event interrupt. It is a direct replacement for the firm's LM75 with temperature read-out output and is compliant with industry-standard protocol. The device operates as a simple comparator for typical thermostat operation and as a temperature event interrupt.
The MC74A5, available as MC74A5-33SNTR and MC74A5-50T, are serially accessible temperature sensors suited for small form-factor applications. Pricing for the LM75DM is $1.39 each/10,000; $0.92 each/12,000 for the MC74A5-33SNTR and $1.07 each for the MC74A5-50T.

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