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Shielded Connector Targets SCSI-II Applications

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The new Ultra-SCSI-II Shielded Connector combines data, control and power in one compact connector body. The 3-in-1 combination features 68 shielded SCSI-II data contacts, rated at 1A each; 14 user-control contacts located on 0.100" centers, and four power contacts rated at 4A each on standard 0.200" centers. Data, control, and power pin groupings each feature individual keyways for correct orientation of system mating connectors. Contacts are made of phosphor bronze, copper or brass. Mating contact faces are plated with a low-resistance gold flash over nickel. Solder connection areas are plated with 100 microinches or more of tin-lead solder over nickel. High-temperature thermo-plastic construction provides for high-volume reflow soldering operations. The connector body's high-temperature resin assures dimensional stability up to 220°C for a full minute and 260°C for 20 seconds, which is the normal cycle time for solder reflow operations in high-volume IR tunnels. Connector operating temperature is rated a -40°C to +160°C. Insulation resistance is 5,000 Megaohms or better at room temperature. The connector is priced at $2.55 each.

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