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Signal Generator Touts Accurate RF Testing

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Low-distortion output and fast frequency switching are among the key features said to help users of the Model VP-8130A synthesized signal generator perform accurate and efficient RF testing in R&D as well as production settings. In addition, the unit's clean output signal makes the generator suitable for testing high-quality audio components. The synthesized signal generator has an output range of 10 kHz to 280 MHz, a 70-ms frequency switching speed, 10-Hz resolution through 140 MHz, 2 x 10 -6 ±1 digit accuracy, and maximum output level of +19 dBm. It also boasts of: excellent long-term reliability, even in demanding high-speed automated test set-ups; versatile memory management capabilities that allow the unit to hold up to 100 different settings; and a GP-IB interface.

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