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Simulation App Performs Reverse Debugging

Deemed the first technology that allows users to move forward and backward in any code with the ability to stop at any point, the Simics Hindsight simulation software effectively eliminates the need to restart a program to find code errors. According to the company, software developers spend approximately 50% of their time debugging code. When debugging a program on hardware, the only way a programmer can return to a point of interest is to restart the program from the beginning. With a simulated platform, Simics Hindsight executes a program in reverse, allowing the user to step back in time at will. After a bug is detected, the execution can be reversed until just before it occurs and analyzed in detail as it runs forward again. The application is built on the Eclipse 3.0 framework, which In its latest incarnation includes improvements for building Java desktop applications and includes a range of usability enhancements. VIRTUTECH INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 392-9150.


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