Electronic Design

Simulation Module Aids RF/Microwave Development

p>The RF Module for Comsol Multiphysics gives designers simulation capabilities for the design of sophisticated rf, microwave, and photonics components. The software simplifies the study of components and systems that deal with propagating electromagnetic waves, making it easier to design and prototype devices for the transmission, guiding, receiving, and filtering/processing of electromagnetic waves. With the module, users can consider all sorts of multiphysics effects including the interconnection of electromagnetic phenomena with heat transfers, structural mechanics, and more. Multiphysics is a scientific-software environment for the modeling and simulation of any physics-based system.

A key feature of the RF Module is the characterization of S-parameters/reflection-transmission coefficients. For a given geometry and set of physics, users can determine such values over a wide range of frequencies. This S-parameter analysis is ideal for waveguides, antennas, filters, directional couplers, switches, microwave amplifiers, transmission lines, and impedance-matching networks. The module also helps users learn about a new field called metamaterials, also know as left-handed or negative-index materials, in which the permeability and permittivity are simultaneously negative.


The RF Module is available now.


A single-user license cost $3495 and requires Comsol Multiphysics ($7995).


Visit www.comsol.com.

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