Electronic Design

Simulation Software Fits Manufacturers Large And Small

The desktop-based SimOffice from MSC.Software Corp. provides a comprehensive simulation environment for manufacturers of all sizes. The software is designed to improve engineers' productivity through fast, reliable simulation in an easy-to-use next-generation Windows Vista environment (see the Figure). As such, it allows manufacturers to benefit from their existing IT investments and simulation tools through the entire suite of Microsoft productivity and collaboration solutions.

SimOffice is specifically designed for engineers who design, analyze, and test complex mechanical parts used in end product designs. By enabling engineers to create and test models in an intuitive Windows-based platform, manufacturers can get better, more accurate design data earlier in the product development process. With the rich collaboration capabilities of Windows Vista, engineers can also generate reports and exchange critical product performance information to make better and more informed design decisions. Moreover, SimOffice is upwardly compatible with enterprise-level MD Nastran, which provides engineers in complex supply chains with the ability to leverage existing data and processes across OEM and supplier organizations.


SimOffice will be available through resellers who are part of MSC.Software's global channel program, MSC Impact.


Contact the company for prices.


Visit www.mscsoftware.com.

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