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Simulator Adds Assertion IP And Native SystemVerilog Support

The latest release of the VCS verification environment sports new capabilities that help users find more bugs more quickly, with up to a fivefold increase in verification speed (see the figure). Key new features include a new assertion IP library and native testbench support for SystemVerilog.

The VCS assertion IP library contains a set of checkers that can be used with VCS or with Synopsys' Magellan formal-analysis tool. The IP library lets users perform functional checks during simulation, identify and report protocol violations, and capture assertion-coverage data. Designers also can use the library with Magellan to prove complex design properties.

Included with the library is IP for a range of interface and protocol standards, including PCI and PCI-X 2.0, AMBA 2 AHB and APB, 802.11a-g, SMIA, DDR2, OCP 2.0, and LPC. Also new to VCS 2005.06 is native support for the IEEE P1800 SystemVerilog testbench. VCS users can create verification environments using SystemVerilog's object-oriented, constrained-random stimulus and functional coverage capabilities.

VCS 2005.06 is expected to ship in the third quarter. Pricing starts at $25,480 for a one-year subscription license.


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