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Single-Channel Module Accepts Solid-State Relay

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The new IMSRP01 single-channel interface module provides a convenient way to add a solid-state relay to an industrial control system. The newest member of the IMSR (Interface Module Solid-State Relay) series accepts the industry standard G4 or G5 solid-state relays and mounts on a standard 32 mm or 35 mm DIN rail. Each module is equipped with clearly marked terminal blocks that accept up to a 12 AWG wire.
Multiple channel relay modules can be developed to accept any number of relays in an easy-to-mount package. Special relay circuits or types can be rapidly developed through the Custom Interface Module program at the company. The IMSRP01 is priced from $10.95. It is immediately available and can be purchased on-line at the company's web site.

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