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Single-Chip Audio Amp Handles 24V Vehicle Systems

74527-AGeneva, Switzerland: Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles often integrate 24V electrical systems, rather than the 12V systems found in cars. Pinpointing that market, STMicroelectronics says its TDA7576B 24V audio amplifier is the first to drive cabin loudspeakers in 24V vehicles directly, without any external components like decoupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors, or compensation components.

The TDA7576B implements the company’s BCD5 semiconductor manufacturing technology. It allows a single chip to include both the power blocks and the signal management blocks, avoiding a more expensive multichip approach.  Moreover, a peak supply voltage of 60V can be sustained without any damage.

Key features include 20W (x2) output power, power-saving standby, and a diagnostic output pin that alerts the host controller in the event of clipping, short circuits, or excessive temperature. The device also includes protection against excessive chip temperature, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and output short circuit to ground, VCC, or across the load.

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