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Single-Chip Clock Circuit For Intel And AMD Processors Said To Be An Industry First

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The new C9945 clock IC is claimed to be the industry's first such device that can be programmed to match the requirements of both Intel and AMD processors. It is also said to be the first to reduce chip count in these systems by providing a solution that integrates both a clock synthesizer and clock distribution buffer. The new chip is designed for DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM systems. Unique features of the device include Dial-a-Frequency and Dial-a-dB, which improve performance and reduce EMI in PCs, workstations and servers.
The chip exceeds industry clock specifications by offering eight programmable spread spectrum modes. It also has a built-in watchdog timer that speeds up self recovery after system hangups. The C9945 works with the PRO266 and PM266 DDR chipsets from Via Technologies for Intel's Pentium III and Celeron µPs and with the Via KT266 DDR chipset for AMD's Atlhon and Duron processors. For SRAM systems, the chip works with Via's PM133 and KT133. Price of the C9945 is $2.45 each/1,000.

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