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Single-Chip G.Lite Modem Makes Most Of Internet Ties

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Modems based on the Beryllium single-chip G. Lite device will enable users to access the Internet at the fastest speed available to them: standard Ethernet at the office, G. Lite from home, or 56 kbps on the road- G. Lite, a variant of full-rate ADSL, enables Internet connections at 1.5 Mbps. The chip incorporates the physical layer, networking protocols, and all the necessary software to develop a high-speed modem or network interface card.The chip is designed to serve the needs of home, small-office/home-office, remote-office/branch-office, and enterprise users. It also provides fax capabilities, including the ability to fax and use the Internet concurrently with a G. Lite connection. Beryllium chip comes in TQFP and BGA packages.

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