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Six Chips Attack ATE Mart

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The AD53020 4-channel delay line IC can independently adjust all edges within minimal space requirements and power dissipation. It features high-speed bipolar transistors, linear delays vs. program voltage control, and a 44-pin PLCC with internal heat spreader. The AD53032 and AD53033 are single-chip devices that perform the pin electronics functions of driver and comparator in ATE VLSI and memory testers; they offer 250-MHz operation and a sensor to monitor DCL surface temperature. The AD53040 is a high-speed pin driver with unity gain programmable output levels of -3V to 8V with output swing of less than 100 mV to 9V. The AD53041 is a high-speed current switching load with current programmability up to ±50 mA; it is designed to force the device under test to source or sink the programmed IOH and IOL currents. The AD53042 is an ultra-high-speed window comparator that provides high dc accuracy without sacrificing input voltage range of-2V to 7V; maximum input capacitance is 2 pF.

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