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Size Record Claimed For PLD

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Said to be the industry's largest programmable logic device (PLD), the APEX EP20K1500E is a 1.5-million gate PLD designed to support implementation of complete system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) devices. The device contains 51,840 logic elements, the basic building block of programmable logic commonly used to judge device density. Additional I/Os, such as SSTL 3/2, GTL+, AGP, LVTTL, LVCMOS, HSTL, PCI 66/PCI-X, and T1/E1 interfaces, are supported. The APEX 20KE family consists of 10 devices spanning from 30,000 to 1.5-million gate densities embracing features such as multiplier/divide, phase shift, and clock skew circuitry. Prototype pricing starts at $4,995. For high-volume production quantities, mask programmed logic device versions are priced at approximately $100.

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