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Smart Card MCU Family Gives Birth

Expanding the ST19 family of smart-card microcontroller units (MCUs), three additions offer expanded ROM and EEPROM and contactless operation. The ST19XR34 provides 96 KB of ROM, 34 KB of EEPROM, 4 KB of RAM, a 1,088-bit modular arithmetic processor, and an RF interface for contactless operation. The controller also implements high-security features such as a built-in DES accelerator for cryptographic calculations using public- and secret-key algorithms. The ST19XS08 comes with 64 KB of ROM and 8 KB of EEPROM and the AT19XS04 provides 48 KB of ROM and 4 KB of EEPROM. Both include 1.5 KB of RAM. Prices for the AT19XS04, ST19XS08 and ST19XR34, respectively, are $1, $1.25 and $4.20 each/100,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 861-2650.

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