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Smart, Thick-Film Force Sensors Can Measure Microscopic Strains

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Built using thick-film technology on solid steel, DX-300 smart sensors are targeted at applications in the medical, aerospace, heavy machinery, and other industries requiring high precision multi-axis force sensing in harsh environs. The innovative process developed to manufacture the three-axis force measurement sensors involves depositing an elaborate network of conductive thick-film, strain-sensitive elements on the surface of a steel substrate. The elements are capable of measuring even a microscopic strain, thereby creating a force measurement device that can produce many times the output of even the best ceramic-based sensors, its claimed. The signals generated by the sensor is proportional and linear to the applied force, which, in motion control applications, allows for not only position control but also rate control.DX-300 force sensors are said to offer thermal stability, an ESD protective design, and no crack propagation problems. The sensors require no additional parts to accomplish their job, as all the necessary electronics are contained in the one package. And the sensors can be processed to fit a customer's application and interface requirements.

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