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SMT Phone Jacks Resist Heat

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The CTP-J-2504 family of SMT, 2.5 mm jacks have either three-position stereo or the choice of two styles for the four-position standard plugs. Made of Nylon 6T, these jacks have a melting point of 310(C, which is above the new IR temperature requirements of 240 to 260(C. It also meets the flame requirement of V-O of UL. The J-2504 SMT family accepts either the 2.5mm plug that has the four positions in a row or the plug that has three contacts on the fourth position that will make contact on the outside of the bushing. The series is rated for a 10,000-cycle life span and has the added feature of switched contacts for the tip and ring to allow the application to switch the output from internal to external. The mating moldable plugs and molded cable assemblies are available if needed. Price is $0.30 each in volume. CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC., Carson City, NE. (800) 809-2751.

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