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SoC Melds µC And ARM Cores On-Chip

product pic

Designed to reduce cost via high integration, the LH9520 system-on-chip (SoC) includes a microcontroller, programmable color LCD controller, 8 KB of data and instruction cache, and 32 KB of SRAM. Additionally, the device incorporates a 32-bit ARM270T core and a 75 MHz ARM7TDMI RISC core.The device also features an external memory interface that is capable of linking it to SDRAM, SRAM, flash and ROM devices. Other features include three UARTS and synchronous serial interfaces, a four-channel DMA controller, programmable interrupt controller, watchdog timer, four counter/timers, two pulse-width modulators, real-time clock, and GPIO. Samples are available now. SHARP MICROELECTRONICS OF THE AMERICAS, Camas, WA. (800) 642-0261.

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