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SoC Verification Environment Allows Configurable HDL Checks

A new version of the Verification Navigator Integrated Design Verification Environment features significant enhancements to the VN-Check Configurable HDL Checker, the VN-Cover Coverage Analysis solution, and the VN-Control Application-Specific Test Automation solution.

VN-Check is a configurable HDL checker that lets users organize checks into rule sets. This supports fast, targeted analysis of specific design characteristics such as finite state machines (FSMs), design-for-test, or design-for-reuse. VN-Check now includes mixed Verilog and VHDL dual language support, Verilog IEEE 1364-2001 language support, and enhanced run-time and memory performance.

The VN-Cover 2002.1 coverage analysis tool features a new, exclusive FSM path metric as well as support for 64-bit simulation platforms. The tool's FSM path coverage metric accelerates verification and analysis of complex control blocks based on FSMs. It is also the first and only full-featured coverage analysis solution for Model Technology's 64-bit simulator.

VN-Control is an application-specific test automation tool that works with TransEDA's Foundation Models Verification IP to enable ready-to-use automatic test generation and results checking from a high-level test template. VN-Control 2002.1 is fully integrated into the Verification Navigator environment.

VN-Cover starts at $20,000 for a perpetual license. VN-Check starts at $20,000 for a perpetual license. VN-Control starts at $5000 for an annual subscription license. All tools are available immediately.

(408) 335-1300; www.transeda.com

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