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Socket/Interconnect Pin Design Prevents Damage

A new pin design, compliant with the company's sockets and interconnects, is characterized by a hollow and slotted tail that closes down and conforms to the size of the plated thru-hole to prevent damage. The combination of slotted tail and a series of fine serrations make a gas-tight connection with the tin plating inside the hole. The tail sockets are available in DIP packages (Series 146) and single and double row strips (Series 346 and 446, respectively). DIP packages are offered in standard configurations from 6 to 40 pins. SIP packages come in single row standard lengths of 20, 32 and 64 pins and double row strips of 2 x 32 pins. Single row (Series 800) and double row (Series 802) interconnects are available in standard 64-pin strips, 1 x 64 and 2 x 32 respectively. Series 801 single row sockets come in 36- or 50-pin strips while Series 803 double row sockets are available in 2 x 36- or 2 x 50-pin configurations. MILL-MAX MANUFACTURING CORP., Oyster Bay, NY. (516) 922-6000.

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