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Sockets Can Test And Service Equipment

Providing a quick and safe way to test or service equipment, the Interpower SafeBloc makes a temporary connection to the power mains. No current carrying contacts are accessible when the cover is down. Raising the cover and exposing the contact clips breaks the safety interlock, preventing delivery of any power to the contacts. The blocks have a current rating up to 13A and a voltage rating of 250 Vac/24 Vdc. A ceramic body fuse protects power cable and mains wiring. Replacement fuses rated at 3A, 5A, 10A and 13A can be purchased separately. Two models are available, with or without 8' of SJT 14/3 cable. Samples are available. Pricing starts at $39.70. PANEL COMPONENTS CORP., Iskaloosa, IA. (800) 662-2290.

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