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Software Add-On Makes Modem Chipset 112-Kb Ready

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Turbo-HAMR112, a software add-on to the HAMR5600 V.90 modem chipset, allows the set to become 112-Kb ready. To upgrade to the higher speed, users of HAMR5600-based modems only need an additional phone line and an external USB modem based on a Pegas.USB chipset. The Turbo-HAMR112 reportedly offers a feature rich suite of practical tools, including SmartSense, a feature that enables the user to answer or ignore incoming calls. It also offers a failsafe download feature that recovers interrupted downloads. The HAMR5600 family of chipsets implement V.90 modem, fax and telephony features using a silicon Data Access Arrangement (DAA) and soft modem technology. HAMR5600 chipsets cost $7 each/10,000. A reference design kit is available for $250.

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