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Software Creates Seamless Process, From CAD to Machine

Aimed at manufacturers that need to reduce costs and improve capacity from current assets, vPlan is a next-generation, enterprise-level process-engineering solution for electronics assembly from Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. vPlan (VPL) is a single solution that delivers a complete, seamless engineering process from CAD to machine, covering SMT, through-hole technology, and manual assembly in three simple steps.

Step one, product definition, involves the creation of a normalized and validated virtual principal components analysis (PCA) using a lean data model that enables quick-change management, DFx (Design For eXcellence) analysis, and an optimized assembly process. Valor’s unique “learning-library” feature makes it possible to read or define data just once, then use it multiple times without having to redefine it again.

Step two, auto-generated machine shapes, involves the definition of production resources. Virtual machine lines can be easily defined and machine library data can be auto-generated for all machine configurations with the help of Valor’s VPL service. These capabilities practically eliminate one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks: management of the machine libraries.

At step three, manufacturing process definitions are generated. They contain optimized output and documentation for assembly machines and manual work cells, perfectly matched to available resources and to the product model.


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