Electronic Design

Software Lets Users Share Models Throughout Organization

As more organizations adopt model-based design techniques, they need a streamlined approach to communicating information and designs, especially across geographic locations. To meet this need, Simulink Report Generator 3 from The MathWorks now includes a Web View Exporting feature, which creates interactive renditions of Simulink and Stateflow models that can be viewed in a Web browser. The Web View Exporting feature builds on the previous multi-format report capabilities of Simulink Report Generator so that users can navigate and view model hierarchy in Web views the same way they do in Simulink.

By creating web views that look and feel like Simulink models, users have a better visual understanding of the model—its construction, hierarchy, and parameters. This improves communication and reduces errors. In addition, web views and reports created by Simulink Report Generator ensure model consistency and eliminate the time-consuming and costly practice of developing documents that detail different model levels. With the ability to view models royalty-free in a web browser, users no longer have to manually create, print out, and review hard copy documents.

Simulink Report Generator is available immediately for Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh platforms.
Commercial U.S list prices start at $1000.
Visit www.mathworks.com/products/SL_reportgenerator/

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