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Software Makes Hourly Billing More Accurate

Employers can now authenticate billable time, whether it’s from an on-site employee, work-at-home telecommuter, or off-site contractor. The SureTime software package from First Guarantee replaces traditional time-billing software that relies on the user to manually input the amount of time worked. Companies not billing a client by the hour can use SureTime to gather more accurate business intelligence data for better budgeting and analysis. For example, an auto-bill feature lets a user automatically track time based on the application or document used.

The software always operates with the user’s full knowledge, running as a toolbar on his or her computer. Options exist to help balance employee privacy against company or client interests. For example, SureTime never records passwords or the actual text typed by the user. The applications and documents used, the time spent on each, and the general level of activity are typically logged. Unlike traditional time-keeping products, when a user returns from a break, an inactivity window will pop up informing the user how long he or she was away. The time can then be categorized and logged. The log is encrypted and secured by a password.

The SureTime beta software is available now for a free trial download.

SureTime for Windows costs $149 (Standard) or $299 (Professional).

Visit www.suretime.com

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