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Software Provides Electromagnetic Simulation For Coaxial Devices

Software Provides Electromagnetic Simulation For Coaxial Devices

Said to cost a fraction of typical 3D CAE packages, the Concerto AS electromagnetic design software for coaxial devices, i.e., connectors and attenuators, provides 2-dimensional electromagnetic simulation only, which suits radially symmetric RF components. The tool, a variation of the company's Concerto tool suite, promises to eliminate barriers that hold back the adoption of CAE in the coax sector. Simulating a coaxial connector in a few seconds, the software accepts 3D drawings from CAD packages, or from its own 3D geometric modeling tool. Once the 3D design is available, the software takes an axis-symmetric slice out of the design for analysis by the 2D Finite Difference Time Domain electromagnetic solver. This approach maintains compatibility with the capabilities of 3D electromagnetic simulation software, allowing users to upgrade at any point in the future. Price for Concerto AS is around $5,000 per seat. VECTOR FIELDS INC., Aurora, IL. (630) 851-1734


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