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Software Reduces Mixed-Signal Design Iterations

Software from Antrim Design Systems automates the analysis, characterization, verification, and reuse of mixed-signal circuits. With an intuitive graphical user interface, the specification-driven Antrim-ACV supports development from design capture and test- bench analysis through system-on-a-chip verification.

In fact, this software automatically creates analysis and characterization plans. It validates operational and performance specifications. Also, it furnishes a design-reuse methodology for repeatable execution of analysis and characterization steps. In essence, Antrim-ACV provides a delivery vehicle for reusable soft and hard IP, claims John Wright, Antrim's vice president of application engineering. Consequently, it enables a process for creating, reusing, and quickly porting critical design IP.

Two distinct IP vendors can exploit Antrim-ACV's capabilities. First, designers can easily generate an analog/mixed-signal design kit with fully characterized libraries, value-added IP, and electronic spec sheets. Second, it can provide a delivery vehicle for vendors building ASIC and cell libraries and IP cores.

Additionally, it includes patented Burst simulation capability for parallel execution of multiple test benches. Automatic generation of design review information lets engineers organize and manage data from single or multiple analyses. It provides the ability to generate silicon-calibrated behavioral models for system-level simulation. And, Antrim-ACV comes bundled with Cadence Composer schematic capture software, so users can work with a familiar interface.

Starting at $50,000, Antrim-ACV is currently shipping on Sun Solaris and HP/UX platforms.

Antrim Design Systems Inc., 5550 Scotts Valley Dr., Ste. 300, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; (831) 430-1900; www.antrim.com.

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