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Software Suite Takes An EDA Approach To MEMS Design

New modeling and analysis capabilities included in the CoventorWare 2004 suite of MEMS design and simulation tools go beyond isolated MEMS device design. Created by Coventor Inc., the tools can help IC and package designers as well as process engineers involved in MEMS product development and manufacturing.

CoventorWare complements EDA tools from Cadence and Synopsys. The suite consists of four models: Architect for creating a MEMS design, Designer for modeling the design, Analyzer for analyzing the design, and Integrator for integrating the MEMS design. Typical MEMS devices are characterized as sensors, RF devices, and microfluidic devices.

The Architect library includes new beam actuator models for modeling thermally or piezoelectrically actuated devices, as well as much faster transient simulations. Designer offers enhanced layout editor features, such as design-rule checking for small edges, enhanced file transfers, and easier layout manipulation.

Analyzer includes new post-processing options that complement its support for piezoelectric RF resonators and enhanced electro-wetting on dielectric and microheater analysis for microdrop applications. Integrator now exports reduced-order macromodels to the popular Cadence Virtuoso environment as well as Synopsys' Saber.

MEMulator 2004, which emulates a wide range of semiconductor fabrication processes, complements CoventorWare 2004. With it, designers can build 3D virtual prototypes before actual fabrication.

Pricing is $25,000 to $100,000, depending on software configuration. CoventorWare 2004 is available immediately.

Coventor Inc.
(919) 854-7500

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