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Solder-Free Right-Angle Connectors Perform Up To 11 GHz

The 0410-11 is the first UG-27 C/U type N right-angle connector to feature solderless construction, according the manufacturer. The solder-free construction ensures dependability equal to a straight plug while achieving 90° bends. The adaptors also address RoHS-compliancy issues. The 50-O connectors perform efficiently up to 11 GHz and are rated for operating voltages of 1000 V rms and a maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2000 V rms at 60 Hz at sea level. The devices handle a temperature range of ?65°C to 165°C and meet interface standards in accordance with MIL-STD-348. VSWR is 1.15:1 from dc to 6 GHz, and 1.35:1 from 6 to 11 GHz. The adapters are available with albaloy, nickel, and silver body plating, and feature center-contact plating of silver and gold for superior connectivity. They also incorporate silicone rubber gaskets for environmental protection. Prices for 0410-11 right angle plugs start at $4.70 in quantities of 3,000+. Prices may vary depending on material costs at time of purchase. Delivery is from stock to six weeks. SANTRON, Ipswich, MA. (978) 356-1585.

Company: SANTRON

Product URL: Click here for more information

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