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Solderless Socket Allows Probing at GHz Speeds

A new probing socket, the SG-BGA-6054, allows probing of an integrated circuit die in a BGA package with Picoprobes. A small cavity on top of the ZIF socket allows access to the die for exact location probing. The socket accommodates 15 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, 17x17 BGA ICs. It guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses four symmetrically placed screws to provide compression force. The socket handles high-speed signal bandwidth up to 6.5 GHz. Minimal extra real estate of 2.5 mm per side larger than the IC is required for the socket. Price: $358 each/100. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Eagan, MN. (800) 404-0204.

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