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Spectrum Analyzers Reduce Test Times

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Embracing five analyzers with frequency ranges from 1.5 to 26.5 GHz, HP ESA-E series spectrum analyzer family provide 5 ms full-span RF sweep time, up to 28 measurements per second, and up to 19 when transferred over the HPIB. This lets users obtain virtually real-time responses when performing tests. The analyzers operate with a continuously phase-locked synthesizer that can produce a span accuracy of ±1% and frequency accuracy of ±101 Hz. The overall amplitude accuracy of ±1 dB provides measurement confidence, improved yield and reduced test margins. With optional 10 Hz digital narrow resolution bandwidth filters, users can obtain better resolving power to measure closely spaced signals and a narrower shape factor of 5:1 for ultimate resolution. Filters enhance the dynamic range by helping to lower the noise floor to -151 dBm. An optional built-in preamplifier up to 3 GHz combines with the analyzer’s speed to set a new standard for examination of low-level signals such a spur searching.

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