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SPICE Tool Adds New Features

Version 7 of Q3D Extractor, a quasi-static electromagnetic parasitic extraction tool, now makes it easier and more reliable for engineers to import 3D CAD models and IC, PCB and package layouts from third-party software. The tool computes 3D RLC/2D RLCG parameters from interconnect structures and automatically generates an equivalent SPICE circuit. A new fault-tolerant meshing algorithm makes the meshing process tolerant to anomalies that occur in geometric data from CAD/EDA software programs. The new release also provides automatic and interactive model healing techniques that allow users to detect and repair errors in imported geometry, reducing engineering time by streamlining the process of design translation and parasitic extraction. A new feature, called Distributed Analysis, expedites design space studies by allowing users to employ multiple computers on a network to analyze different design variations. The new version also takes advantage of 64-bit Windows platforms, providing unlimited amounts of RAM to solve demanding problems. In addition, the new version adds support for the Red Hat Linux operating system in both 32- and 64-bit editions. ANSOFT CORP., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 261-3200.


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