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Stacked Chip Capacitors Deliver High Capacitance, Low ESR

The stacked design of the SMC and HSC series of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors offers very high capacitance and very low effective series resistance, exceeding the capabilities of wet tantalum designs. The two series are offered in multiple footprints: 1812, 2220, 1825, and 2225. All come with lead frame standoffs to prevent mechanical and thermal stress. The HSC series now features higher temperature ranges of 150°C, 200°C, and 250°C. Both types of capacitors are suitable for power supply, dc-dc converter, industrial control, surge, snubber, filtering, smoothing, and decoupling applications. The HSC’s higher temperature limits add oil logging, engine control, and jet engine applications to the mix. Both series come in J, L, or N leaded configurations for through-hole or surface-mount use. Capacitance ranges are from 470 nf to 35 µf in the 125°C rating, with rated voltages ranging from 25 to 1000 V. The 150°C and higher-temperature devices will have slightly lower nominal capacitance ratings. All are available with HIREL screening. The entire series is RoHS compliant. The SMC and HSC series are available in six weeks for sample quantities, with production quantities available in six to eight weeks. Pricing for a 2225-size capacitor with two stacked chips with 10 µf at 50 V is $1.75 each in quantities of 1000 pieces. HOLY STONE INTERNATIONAL, Murrieta, CA. (951) 606-4300.


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