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Standard Cell Libraries Created Using EDA Software

Usability features such as hierarchical graphic editing, force analysis, an object editor, place-and-route software, ED compaction and links to logic synthesis have been added to the company's latest version of ProGenesis 2000, EDA software. It is said that the software enables designers to quickly and accurately create standard cell libraries and optimize them for design closure. It custom tailors libraries for design style and process technology and optimizes them for performance, low power, area and yield. With ProGenesis 2000, designers create optimized standard-cell libraries using design-specific information contained in a SPICE netlist, process-specific defined in design rules, and designer-specific options specified in the cell template. These three information sources, specified independently, ensure that design closure is attained. The software emphasizes the capture and reuse of design styles independent of design rules, allowing any process changes to be incorporated on-the-fly without requiring manual changes to the layout. Available on Linux, Solaris and HP.UX operating systems, the software is priced from $375,000 per unit for a perpetual license.

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