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Status Monitor & User Interface Panel Controls Four Systems

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Up to four systems and power segments can be controlled using the Model ALM-200 environmental-status monitor and user-interface panel. The device monitors fan speed, the system's internal temperature, the backplane input voltage, the dual power supplies, and the watchdog timer, and it provides audible-alarm indication as well as buffered system status. It has been designed for use with the firm's dual-power segmented backplanes, Model BP20CI-PS or Model BP19FP-PS.
It can be connected to standard, non-power segmented backplanes with the Model ALM-ISA-1 ISA interface card which enables software access to Models ALM-200 and ALM-100 alarm data within systems that do not require a power segmented backplane. The ALM-200 is priced from $325; $495 with the ALM-ISA-01.

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