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Stereo DAC Targets High-End Audio Systems

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Sampling rates up to 192 kHz, a 24-bit digital filter, and high tolerance to clock jitter are among the features qualifying the AK4395 stereo D/A converter for use in high-end audio products, such as DVD players, AV amplifiers, and digital mixers.
The digital filter has high stopband attenuation of 110 dB or more that reduces wide band aliasing noise. The 24-bit chip also offers a dynamic range of 120 dB while providing enhanced audio quality through improved digital filtering characteristics. The device is pin-compatible with the company's AK4394 and AK4393 devices, allowing an easy upgrade path.
Other key features include full differential outputs, built-in de-emphasis filter and soft mute. Available in a 28-pin VSOP package, the AK4395 is priced at $6.62 each/1,000.

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