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Superscaler Processors Employ 2-GHz Cores

The XLP832 is a highly scalable Super System-on-Chip (SuperSoC) incorporating key functions of a high-end communication system. It includes wired and wireless security, networking, storage, data-center acceleration, load balancing, and a host of other acceleration engines enabling application in a large variety of market segments. The XLP family is a third-generation architectural enhancement to the company’s Multi-core XLR Processor family. Fabricated using 40-nm technology, the XLP832 offers processor core frequencies from 500 MHz to greater than 2.0 GHz, providing a 3x performance/watt improvement over its XLR predecessor. The new processor is software backward-compatible with the XLR and XLS processor families. The XLP832 contains a wide array of networking interfaces (Interlaken, XAUI, SGMII) and system interfaces (including PCI Express 2.0, an LA-1 Interlaken for TCAM, and two USB 2.0 host/client ports. The EC4400 processor core contained in the XLP is architected to provide the highest performance for both data-plane and control-plane performance. Each EC4400 core maintains the multi-threading capability that is field proven to provide the highest possible performance for throughput-oriented data-plane processing. RMI CORP., Cupertino, CA. (408) 434-5700.

Company: RMI CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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