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Support Builds For Accellera's Unified Power Format Specification

Two major EDA vendors have kicked in technology donations toward Accellera's efforts to create a standard for low-power design work. Accellera's Unified Power Format technical subcommittee has acknowledged donations from Magma Design Automation and Synopsys.

Magma's donation is of specifications that target requirements for logic synthesis, physical synthesis, library modeling, power analysis, special cells, design-for-test (DFT) technology, and automatic test-pattern generation (APTG).

For its part, Synopsys has donated power-management technology that includes power-management commands, SystemVerilog and VHDL constructs, and the Switching Activity Interchange Format (SAIF).

Under the Unified Power Format subcommittee's activities, the design community, EDA vendors, and Accellera are working together to produce an open and inclusive standard for low-power design by January of 2007.

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