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Surface-Mount Power Inductors Handle High Power

The WE-HCM line of single-turn, surface-mount, shielded power inductors are suitable for use in high-current multi-phase switching regulators, CPU/RAM power supplies, and various other power applications. The components maintain their inductance value at operating temperatures from ?40°C to 125°C. The use of manganese zinc ferrite material ensures a low core loss and eliminates issues of thermal aging. The line comes in six versions with inductance values from 72 nH to 1500 nH and saturation currents of 20 A to 60 A. Their dc resistance ranges from 0.15 mO to 0.37 mO ±7%. Sizes range from 7 by 7 by 5 mm to 13 by 13 by 5 mm. Other sizes and values are available on request. WURTH ELECTRONICS MIDCOM INC., Watertown, SD. (605) 886-4385.


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