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Switch Connectors Provide Simple Slip-On Switch Connection

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Touted as a fast and practical one-piece alternative to discrete wire termination, the new Switch-Con CSF Series switch connectors feature convenient, slip-on switch connection with reliable IDC wiring. The connectors are said to reduce cost in two ways-- reducing assembly time and the number of components required. They are designed to mate quickly with popular, miniature snap-action switches manufactured by Cherry, Omron and Microswitch having 0.187" x 0.020" tabs for quick-connect connections.
One single CSF connector is said to reduce assembly time by using mass termination and eliminating the need for three individual wire-crimp, push-in terminals. Once installed, it provides single-plug convenience for easy maintenance and repair. Other features include a housing design that flexes to mate with tabs on switches, color coded housings matched to wire gages, and optional strain relief covers.

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