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Switched Fabric Platform Supports PICMG 2.16 And 2.17

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Designed to accommodate PICMG 2.16, 2.17 and custom backplanes, a new Type 12 high-availability switched fabric platform has been developed having a full complement of 21 slots at 0.8" pitch. Measuring 12U high, 84 HP wide and 16" deep, the chassis holds 6U x 160 mm cards and features black powder coated covers, which can be modified to accept a wide range of color options. Engineered for 99.999 performance and excellent cooling, the unit also features push-pull airflow, provided by dual-redundant plug-in fan trays exerting 350 cfm of forced air per tray. The Type 12 platform has a front, 1,200W (N+1) plug-in 48V PSU input supply located at the bottom 1U of the chassis. An optional system monitor and I2C serial status output from the power supply is also available. The unit is IEEE compliant for front and rear card cages and NEBS compliant for shielding. For more technical information and pricing, contact the company. ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.

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